Flamenco Rosso 3
acrylic and graphite on wood panel 42x29,7x6cm
not available / non disponibile
fine-art print on canvas available / stampa fine-art su tela disponibile

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Here the portrait becomes a method of experimenting. Petrelli titles this collection of paintings "Visions of Soul". The iconografic style is derived from a personal, "luminous" neo-expressionism. The synthesis doesn't simply affects the strong line of the palette knife, the fast brushwork, or the reduction to monocromy or bicromy. In these "impressions" Petrelli freezes the most inner expressions. Sometimes the subjects look pure and free, sometimes even ugly and gloomy. In this naturalness, without aesthetic patterns, is unveiled the real mood of that person, in that specific instant. The dynamism of the lines highlights this unstoppable succession of continuously evolving states. The paintings are created on big wood plates, and the subjects are almost always depicted in hieratic pose.

Petrelli loves drawing illustrations, graphic novels, caricatures etc. with pencil or with traditional techniques. He prefers watercolors, oil pastels or acrylics. In some case he uses the digital tools to refine his works. Often his clients ask him to create new 3D characters.

If you want buying or commission an artwork (paintings, illustrations, cover books, graphic novels, portraits, caricatures, ecc.), you can contact me.